The International Institute of Computer Technologies (IICT)

International Institute of Computer Technologies (IICT) and ARCADIA UNIVERSITY (USA);

International Institute of Computer Technologies (IICT) has passed successfully the way of foundation. The Institute grew and developed by creating new faculties and opening new specialties from year to year. Teaching stuff realized their aims and searched new possibilities for the further growth for last 20 years.

Today International Institute of Computer Technologies is the modern dynamic institute of higher education that has become a part of the educational space of the region. International Institute of Computer Technologies trains specialist that are experts at their directions and meet requirements of the time.

IICT has gained the high reputation. Entrants who wish to get high education of technical, economical, management and psychological directions choose International Institute of Computer Technologies. Now developing and increasing its potential - Institute is focused on creation and realization interesting, science intensive and innovation projects which will allow International Institute of Computer Technologies having high demand on the market of educational facilities.

Rector, Doctor of Engineering,
professor,honoured worker of Science
and Engineering of the Russian Federation
A. I. Shiyanov

International Institute of Computer Technologies trains high-qualified specialists at the prestigious directions

Faculty of Information Systems;
  • information security
  • information science and computer techniques
  • info-communication technologies and communications
    Faculty of Power Engineering;
  • Power industry and electrical engineering
  • Nuclear power industry and terminal physics
  • Nuclear plant: designing, exploitation and engineering
    Faculty of Economics;
  • Management
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Economic security

    Today International Institute of Computer Technologies has got about 2 thousands students, more than 150 members and teachers. Institute has solid modern material resources, own building, computer rooms, libraries and reading rooms, print room, and modern laboratories. Teaching staff includes high-qualified teachers, more than 70% of them have academic degrees and statues.

    The institute trains specialists for key region enterprises:
  • Novovoronezh nuclear power plant,
  • JSC «Svyazstroy No.1»
  • JSC «Voronezhpower»,
  • Concern «Constellation»,
  • Central-Chernozem Sberbank Bank of the Russian Federation At specialties and directions: Nuclear plant: designing, exploitation and engineering, Power industry and electrical engineering, info-communication technologies and communications, Management, Economics Education process is carried out by combination of getting theoretic knowledge in the institute and practical work as a probationer on the mentioned enterprises above.


    Students of IICT"Arcadia" University at next directions:

  • Business;
  • Management;
  • Computer techniques;
  • Psychology.

    Preparation will be realized according form «two plus two». Two years students, that will take part in this program, will be studied in Voronezh at IICT by programmers that are coordinated with American university and with bringing American professors to education process. Next two years students will be studied in «Arcadia» University, where they will pass final exams and get American sample diplomas.

    After graduating one year probation period is guaranteed at one of the American firms.


    Preparatory Department for foreign students provides possibility to study in following profiles: economical, technical and medical. After successful graduation the students receive international certificate, which gives the right to enter to any institution of higher education in Russian Federation.

    Nizovaya I.Y.
    Dean of the Preparatory Department
    Associate Professor
    Ph.D. of Pedagogy
    (The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute)

    About Department:
    Education is represented in three areas of knowledge:
    Technical education (the studied subjects: Russian language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering drawing, and informatics), Economic education (the studied subjects: Russian language, economy, geography, mathematics, and informatics), Medical education (the studied subjects: Russian language, mathematics, chemistry, biology).

    The academic year on Preparatory Department stars in October.
    Duration of the education:
    9 month – a full course,
    6 month – intensive course.

    In this program special attention to Russian language, such as main subject. According to chosen specialty students learn different additional subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry, informatics and other subjects. Now four teachers of Russian language are working at the Institute (two Associate Professors and two Senior Lecturer.) All Teachers have pedagogical education and specialization «Russian as a Foreign Language». Students are involved in active cultural and sports life.

    Our lecture organizes excursions to Moscow and city-tours in Voronezh, visiting exhibitions, theaters, and museums. Foreign students live in new comfortable hostel (five hundred meters from the main building of Institute). Auditoriums are located in the same building of hostel. Our students live in modern comfortable apartment for 2-3 persons. The hostel has a computer room, gym, library, and canteen. There is a kitchen on each floor of the hostel.

    The conditions of admissions:

    Preparatory Department accepted citizens, who have completed upper secondary education (have a school-living certificate) and have a visa for study. Admission to the institute carried out without examination. On the main intensive course and course of Businesses and Management can be accepted all categories of foreign citizens, who have a visa for study.

    Starting Dates:
    Period of accepting documents from 1st of May to 30th of November.
    Academic year start from October.
    The beginning of classes starting according formation of groups.
    Tuition fee is determined individually according to the chosen specialization.
    Additional expenses:
    1. Payment of medical insurance.
    2. Payment of passport and visa fees.
    3. Payment of accommodation.
    4. The cost of transfer.
    5. For an additional cost Institute organize excursions.

    How to get visa:
    1.It is necessary to apply to the Institute and fill out an application forms And send this form together with copy of the first page of passport and copy of school-living certificate (or Diploma).
    2.Apply for a visa at the Russian Embassy in the country of residence.
    3.Inform administration of the Institute about date of arrival and route of the entry to Russia no late than 5 days.
    *. For exact information, please contact admission center as the rules are varies for different countries with some exceptions.

    On arrival at the Institute students should present the following documents:
    1.Passport with visa and migration card.
    2.School-living certificate or MA or Bachelor's or Specialist's degree certificate (with list of the subjects and grade received). All academic documents should be legalized.
    3.Medical certificate, confirming that the student haven't got contra-indications for study in Russia Federation.
    4.10 photographs (3x4).

    Additional educational facilities.
    Pre-university training courses.
    Post graduate courses.

    Postgraduate study offers next degree programs:
    05.09.03 Electro technical complexes and systems.
    05.13.18 Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and complexes of programs.
    05.13.19 Methods and systems of security information, information security.
    08.00.01 Economics.

    Retraining programs for the leading employees and specialists according to the basic institute programs. Advanced training programs of the basic institute programs.

    Special attention is paid to the development of the intellectual and creative faculties of the students. Teaching stuff of IICT has close cooperation with students. There is a special form of students’ activity called self-government for realization students public activity.

    Students of IICT attend theater, dance and singing studious. Heads of theses studious are students themselves and professional teachers. There are some successful music groups that have gained popularity performing on the rock concerts. There are many kind and nice traditions: annual meetings of the students that get only good and excellent marks with funny skit, performances for Valentine's day, Day of the Defenders of the Motherland and Victory day. International Institute of Computer Technologies aims to create and realize new projects intended on the developing of students' initiative that will form personal culture of young specialists.

    Besides successful educational activity leading scientists of International Institute of Computer Technologies realize Research and development (R&D) work, range of the research engineering and design departments has been created that have helped to unite academic teaching stuff, scientists of stuff, engineers and as well post-graduates and students. Technical center, design office of the nano and micro-system technology, range of departments and research laboratories, technical center of information technology and as well small enterprises located on the institute areas have been founded.

    Main practical results of the application of the R&D works have been reached in the frames of the design and development works of the follower drives of the rotary support of the radars, customer-Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, order of the Government Defense for OJSC Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey", Moscow city, have been carried out under control of the military accept of the Concern "Сonstellation", Voronezh city, authors of these projects have gotten honourable mention from the mayor of Voronezh region Andrey Gordeev, Government contractual work for technical equipment supply for reequipment of the OJSC Research and Production Association Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant, Moscow city; Design and Development work of the "Development of the vertical-axled wind-driven powerplants", customer- CJSC Baltic Machine-Tool Factory, Saint-Petersburg city, Design and Development work of the "Development of the settings for application of the polymer films" from the Order of the Work Red Banner by Institute of chemistry silicate by name of I. V. Grebenshikova. Average value financing is 30000 thousands rubles.

    International Institute of Computer Technologies realize conception of own investment in the promising projects like Design and Development work of the Development and manufacturing of a main model of the modular setting for films and topological masks forming on surface of the semiconductor wafers, ceramic and glass plates, area preparation for creation place of the nanoscale lithography. Average finance value of these projects is 15000 thousands rubles.

    The agreements have been signed with OJS Concern "Сonstellation", Voronezh city, for Design and Development work of "Development and supply of the technological equipment for area of nanoscale photolithography" that is carried out in the frames of the Government contractual work "Development of basic technology of nanoscale lithography for forming of metalized picture on the single-cristal piezoelectric chips" that the enterprise has gotten from Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation with OJSC Research and Production Association Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant, contracts for automation of the diesel engines locomotives between JSCo "RZD" and LLC "Russian electronic company", and as well LLC "STADIS" that are members of the research and development center of information technology of Institute. Total value of financing of R&D work is 40000 thousands rubles in 2012.

    We wish you a very pleaseant stay in Russia and United States !

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