I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy

Moscow State Medical Academy
Medical Faculty is the main division of I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, consolidating traning, research
and medical services. Medical Faculty incorporates about 40 chairs, clinics, laboratories and departments. Supreme body of Medical Faculty is Academic Council
At present the number of disciplines and courses studied in medical faculty is reaching 60 during the pre-diploma period of study.
Many chairs of MMA Medical faculty function on the basis of research centres and institutes

Among them there are:

  • Russia`s Academy of Medical Sciences` Research Centre of Surgery
  • RAMS Oncological Research Centre, RAMS Cardiological Research Centre
  • P.A.Priorov Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics
  • RAMS Research Institute of Eye Diseases
  • P.A.Herzen Moscow Institute of Oncology
  • P.K.Anokhin Institute of Human Physiology
  • Research Institute of Forensic Medicine
  • RAMS Research Centre of Endocrinology
  • Research Institute of Phtysiopulmonology
  • Research Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine

    *** Degree offered on Medical Faculty graduation - Doctor of Medicine

    Pharmaceutical Faculty

    Dental and Pharmaceutical Department of MMA
    In 1765 when Moscow University was established there were only three faculties - Philosophical, Legal and Medical.
    Medical Faculty Departments of Anatomy and Clinical Medicine, Physical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Natural History
    started functioning in 1765. The first professor of pharmacy Dr. Iohann Christian Kershtenz taught pharmaceutical disciplines
    using latest pharmacopeas and catalogues of drugs.

    The courses of toxicology and clinical pharmacology were created by Prof. Veniaminov from the year of 1770. The system of pharmaceutical learning was created. New separate disciplines started in 1775 – pharmaceutical chemistry and practical course of pharmaceutical-chemical preparation of medicines. All necessary textbooks and manuals for Pharmaceutical Department were created in 1834 by the professors of the Department leaded by prof. Alexander Iovsky. He started publishing two magazines on chemistry and medicine and pharmacy.
    Pharmaceutical Laboratory
    The Chair of Clinical Pharmacology was organised in 1835, and in 1864 chairs of Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy and Pharmacy
    started functioning. In the period of 1887-1891 in Devichye Polye (Maiden`s Field) a complex of clinics attached to Medical Faculty of Moscow University was inaugurated. A new building within a Campus was given to the Research Institute of Pharmacology. Its first director prof. Bogoyavlensky conducted theoretical pharmaceutical investigations and experiments in chemical, physiological and
    clinical laboratories. From 1919 pharmaceutical departments of Russian medical institutes started functioning as independent pharmaceutical institutes.

    Moscow Pharmaceutical institute was founded in 1932 on the basis of Moscow Medical-Pharmaceutical Factory. The duration
    of the programme was five years and some modern subjects were included. The post-graduate training started from 1938,
    from 1943 the scientific Council of the Institute could award the degrees of Ph.D. in Pharmacy. The Botanical garden of the Moscow Pharmaceutical institute listed in the “Botanical Gardens of the World was founded in 1946. In 1958 the Institute was reorganized
    to the pharmaceutical faculty of the 1st Moscow Medical Institute. There are 13 departments at the faculty headed by members of the Academy of Science, professors - Doctors of Science in Pharmacy and Chemistry. During five years of study the students learn
    different subjects from funda¬mental to narrow special such as pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacy organization and economics, pharmacognosy, and pharmaceutics. At the pharmaceutical faculty, the general-purpose pharmacists majoring in pharmacy
    are trained in the day and evening departments.

    The Pharmaceutical faculty has 8 buildings reserved for studies, 11 research laboratories, the botanical garden and a special library.
    There are 4 hostels for students and postgraduates. There are also a stadium, 2 gym halls, a swimming pool and the student`s art
    club. The Pharmaceutical faculty collaborates on contractual terms with Research Pharmacological institute of Academy of Medical Sciences, All-Russian Research Institute of medical plants, pharmaceutical companies "Akrichin" and "Ferrein",
    Perm State Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute. Some chairs of MMA Pharmaceutical faculty function on the basis of research
    centres and laboratories.

    Degree offered on Pharmaceutical Faculty graduation - Master of Pharmacy
    Qualification in Pharmacy - Pharmaceutist

    Duration - five years, ten terms.
    The credit system is being implemented at the pharmaceutical faculty.
    The new system is in accordance with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).

    Stomatological [Dental] Faculty

    In the period of 1887-1891 in Devichye Polye (Maiden`s Field) a complex of clinics attached to Medical Faculty of Moscow University
    was inaugurated and among them – the maxilla-facial surgery and dental clinic.

    The onset of Dentistry (stomatology) as a subject taught in the Medical Faculty of the Moscow University is considered to be in
    1885 year and is related to Dean of Medical faculty, N.V. Sklifosovsky, who pointed out the importance of this subject.
    In 1885 the Chair of Stomatology and dental Surgery was established. In November 1985, the Chair of Stomatology celebrated
    its 100 anniversary.

    This renowned day was celebrated by organizing a Jubilee Scientific Conference where stomatologists and other medical specialists
    from all over Russia and abroad were invited. The Stomatological faculty started its functioning in 2000. There are more than 800
    students studying now at this faculty.

    Degree offered on Stotomatological Faculty graduation - Doctor of Stomatology.
    Duration of the course - five years, ten terms.

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