Pre-University Preparatory Course of Russian Language

Preparatory Faculty
Designed especially for the foreign students who wish to receive the higher education in Russia, but have not yet mastered the Russian language to the extent required to take the courses of the chosen major. The Preparatory Course is a one-year course (Starting from the month of enrollment) that consists of the Russian Language courses, as well as the courses of the profile disciplines. Upon finishing the course, the foreign students take exams and receive a certificate that allows them to acquire higher education in the Universities of Russian Federation.

It can also arrange a course of pre-University training necessary for enrollment to a full-time course. The Institute provides an exclusive opportunity of further studies in a number of Russian higher educational institutions in all the academic and professional disciplines
During the academic year the university offers a wide range of Russian Language courses - in Conversation and Listening Comprehension, Linguistics, Business Russian, Literature, Translation and Cultural Studies. Courses run from 1 to 10 months. Students with different levels of the Russian language competency - from elementary to advance - can find interesting and useful courses. We offer group classes with average 4-6 students per class or individual instruction. Students can tailor their own programs choosing courses they like and take as many hours per week as they need, combining group classes with individual instruction. Students are tested on arrival and join their level groups.

Much attention paid to first-hand acquaintance of international students with the history, culture and traditions of the Russian people. Academic studies are combined with trips and excursions, visits to museums, exhibitions, theatres and concerts.

L&C provides Russian language classes and support for the University's international student population as well as a wide range of specialized courses for people intending to study at University. The unit's staff are responsible for all matters concerning the recruitment of international students, and are able to provide advice and assistance at all stages of training at University



  • The tuition fee for this course ranges from 1800 to 2200 US Dollars depending upon the course limitation and university selected.
  • The fees of dormitory (hostel) ranges from 600 to 1000 US Dollars per annum depending on the hostel.
  • It is compulsory to have Medical Insurance while living in Russian Federation and the cost of this policy is 200 US Dollars per annum.

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