Voronezh Institute of High Technologies (VIHT)



Rector — L'vovich lgor Yakovievich, doctor of science, corresponding member of Russia Academy of Sciences.
VIHT was founded in 1992 as the International University of High Technologies directed by L'vovich Yakov Yevseevich, doctor of engineering sciences, Honoured Scientist of Russian Federation, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences.
The founders of VIHT are Voronezh State Technical University, Voronezh State Medical Academy, the Region Clinical Diagnostic Centre, Voronezh Mechanical Plant, the specialists' quality's training Research Centre, Russian Higher Schools' Testimonial Centre (Moscow).

Voronezh Institute of High Technologies (VIHT) is an educational institution of new type, which main task is a multilevel preparation of experts for public health services, variety of industrial areas, electrical energy industry, communications, socio-cultural sphere and educational systems.

In April 2005 Voronezh Institute of High Technologies has successfully passed a complex state assessment and accreditation and was granted a governmental license. The state accreditation confirms the high level of education provided by VIHT. Upon graduation students are granted the state standard diplomas.

The structure of the Institute consists of 5 departments 14 Chairs/Professorships, 7 branches realizing the programs of vocational training, higher education, postgraduate studies, as well as the program pre-higher education training.

Modern means of learning are accessible to the students: multimedia library, unlimited access to the Internet, video-lectures, case-technologies, distance-learning technologies. Educational process provides a highly skilled faculty - 78.6 % - have scientific degrees and ranks.

Besides traditional Institute's activities (student's autumn and spring amateur performance festivals, sports activities, and pedagogical groups), the Institute actively works with other higher education institutions at regional and city levels in various directions: student's forums and seminars on social adaptation, citizen-patriotic and legal education of youth.


The Institute actively develops the international activity during the last years. Faculty members of the Institute complete advanced professional training in the leading educational and scientific international centers. International students from China, Morocco, Syria, Tunis, Turkey, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran, India and Kenya study in VIHT at various programs and majors.



*VIHT is licenced by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation as a higher school with the right of educational activity in vocational training (licence No. 24-0189 of 5 June, 2000) and is given the state accreditation (certificate No. 25-1103 of 4, October, 2000). The University has the right of giving state diplomas and gives its students the adjournment of military service.
*Among teaching staff of VIHT are the best lecturers from Voronezh Universities: 35 holders of the first higher degree, senior lecturers, 13 doctors of sciences, professors.
*VIHT prepares specialists in following trades:
•informatics, hardware and software (qualification - Bachelor of engineering and technologies) (4 years);
•computer information systems (specialization: medicine, bank technologies, telecommunications, computer defence of information), qualification - systems techniques engineer;
•management: with deep training in foreign languages, basis of law; qualification - manager;
•social and cultural services and tourism (specialization: organizer of tourist service, assistant director, specialist in publicity, guide-interpreter, social worker) with learning two foreign languages, qualification - specialist in tourist services.
*The basic course of studying lasts 5 years.
*VIHT contains internal and extramural departments, offers courses in qualification's preferment and in further training.
*In order to enter VIHT, a person must pass the interlocution in mathematics (Russian history), physics (foreign language) and Russian.
*Under the auspices of VIHT there is a special centre which prepares pupils of the 9th forms of specialized schools for entering the Institute. After finishing these schools with good results students can continue their education in VIHT on a special accelerated program.

Academic Programs:

Bachelor Degree Programs (4 years):

  • Management (qualification: Bachelor of Management)

On completion of this course, graduates will have acquired the knowledge of the main statutes of the economic theory, as well as the doctrines of managerial and social sciences, and have developed skills and approaches in order to be able to apply the methods of these sciences to different aspects of their professional life.

  • Tourism (qualification: Bachelor of Tourism)

Graduates will acquire a range of key subject specific and transferable skills in the course of their studies. These skills will enable the students to meet the expectations and demands of the tourism industry.

  • Computer Science and Engineering ( qualification: Bachelor of Engineering and Technologies)

On completion of the program, graduates will have developed a range of skills encompassing creation and application of computers, systems and networks, automated systems of information processing and management, and software computer support.


Graduates may choose to continue their learning by progressing to the Magistracy programs.


Specialist Diploma Programs (5-6 years):

*         Human Resource Management (qualification: Manager)

The profound studying of the law, economy, management, marketing, managerial psychology and foreign languages enables graduates to find employment in a human resource sector at the enterprises of all kinds.

*         Socio-Cultural Service and Tourism (qualification: Specialist in service and tourism)

This course prepares students for a wide range of careers in the field of tourism, museum and exhibition business, office work, hotel management, and the information technologies connected with these areas, show-business, and a social work of all kinds.

*         Information Systems and Technologies (qualification: Engineer)

Graduates of this course will master the skills and methods of designing, maintenance and operation of the information systems software. These skills will enable the students to find employment in the information systems sector, its mathematical and program support.

*         Fire Safety (qualification: Engineer)

On completion of the program, graduates will be able to apply for a position of an engineer of fire safety and operation of fire technics, inspector and chief of the fire safety department at the enterprises of all kinds of industry.


Master Degree Program (2 years):

*         Computer Science and Computer Engineering under programs " Information and Software Support of the Automated Systems ", "Computer Networks and Telecommunications "


The admission to the Institute is determined upon the results of the exams from the Preparatory Course and the entrance exams that are hold in the form of an interview. After the program is completed and the qualification work is defended, the graduate receives the state standard diploma.


Postgraduate study (3-4 years):

*         System Analysis, Information Management and Processing

*         Management in Social and Economic Systems

*         General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education

The admission examination includes Foreign Language (Russian), Philosophy, and exam in the chosen major.


Tuition and Fees

(in Russian rubles)


Preparatory Faculty


Specialist Diploma Program (5 years)


Bachelor's Degree Program


Master's Degree Program


Postgraduate Studies




Medical insurance


*additional charges will apply based on the amount of the electric devices used (100-2000 Russian rubles/ *RUB)


Preparatory Faculty. Designed especially for the foreign students who wish to receive the higher education in Russia, but have not yet mastered the Russian language to the extent required to take the courses of the chosen major. The Preparatory Course is a one-year course (October 1 - July 1) that consists of the Russian Language courses, as well as the courses of the profile disciplines. Upon finishing the course, the foreign students take exams and receive a certificate that allows them to acquire higher education in the Russian Federation.


Documents required for entry to VIHT:


*         Facsimile or scanned copy of the passport (valid for at least 18 month after the proposed date of arrival to the Russian Federation);

*         An original document about a full secondary education with notary certified translation into Russian, with the indication of studied subjects and received grades/marks for them;

*         A medical certificate testifying the absence of the medical conditions that can interfere with the studying the chosen specialization and the absence of HIV infections;

*         For official invitation required for visa issuance, the prospective student must submit an Invitation request Form to the Department of International Students Operation (the form is given out upon request);

* Student can request it from L&C Representative by sending e-mail at :
* You may enrol online, Please check to "Enrolment" in the main menu.

*         For those applying to a degree-program of studying (Bachelor, Specialist, Master) - the certificate of completion of the Preparatory Course;

For post-graduate students - an original document about higher education with notary certified translation into Russian language, with the indication of the qualification, studied subjects and grades/marks received. The list of the published works, a written justification of the chosen theme for scientific work

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