Borisoglebsk State Pedagogical Institute

Russia, 397160, Borisoglebsk,
Voroneghskaya oblast,
Narodnaya Street, 43
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Rector - Nicolsky Yuri Anatolievich, Cand. Sc. (Ph.D.), associate professor.
Borisoglebsk Teachers' College was established in 1940 and Borisoglebsk State Institute was founded on the bases of the college in 1952.

The qualified teaching staff of the Institute consists of over 180 full-professors, associate professors and lecturers 97 of them have a scientific degree or/and an academic status.
Nearly 24.000 students have graduated from the Institute for the last 60 years.
Borisoglebsk State Pedagogical Institute has 4 faculties: Mathematics and Physics, Philologic, Pedagogics, Methods of Elementary Education and Preschool Pedagogics. These faculties train:
teachers of mathematics with a supplementary qualification in physics,
teachers of physics with a supplementary qualification in information science,
teachers of information science,
teachers of the Russian language and literature with a supplementary qualification in history,
teachers of the English language comprising such specialization as Russian literature, literary & linguistic studies of local lore, economy & history,
teachers of history,
teachers of pedagogic & phycology, of primary education with a supplementary qualification in biology or with specialization in social and pedagogical activities, rhetoric;
teachers of biology,
teachers of preschool pedagogics and phycology with specialization in physical education for pre-school institutions, in child practical psycology, music, drawing and pre-school pedagogics & phycology.
The Institute has 2 main departments: Day-Time & Extra-Mural.
The Preparatory Department of the Institute includes not only a sphere of pedagogical interests, but also different professional fields. For example, the preparatory department offers education and training towards professional qualification in economics & financial & legal management of education in computer operating, in database operating & programming, in operating of applied program supply "1c" accountant.
There is a library, readthy rooms, a canteen, gymnasium, a shooting-gallery, a sports & sanitary students camp on the banks in the sieves Khoper.
There are four computer classes in the Institute. The computer net has a twenty- four-hour dolmittance into Internet.

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