Voronezh State Teacher Training University

Russia, 394043, Voronezh,
Lenina Street, 86
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Rector - Podkolzin Vyacheslav Vitalyevich, candidate of Natural Sciences, Professor.
1914. Establishment of Voronezh Teacher Training Institute.
1921. Voronezh State University was supplemented by the Pedagogical Faculty.
1931. Foundation of Voronezh State Teacher Training Institute
1993. Voronezh State Teacher Training Institute received university status.

VSPU employs 496 persons, including 37 professors and doctors of science, 215 associated professors and candidates, 3 honored workers of science.
VSPU has trained 60 thousands of specialists, including 1060 foreign specialists from 35 countries.
VSPU offers training at 8 faculties in the following streams and areas of specialization:
Mathematics and Phisics: Computer Science, Mathematics, Phisics, Business and Technology (BSc in Education, Specialist);
Natural Studies and Geography: Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Ecology (BSc in Education, Specialist);
Russian Language and Literature: Russian Language and Literature (Specialist);
Foreign Languages: English, German, French (Specialist);
History: History, Sociology and Pedagogics, Economics (BSc in Education, Specialist);
Psychology and Counseling: Psychology and Pedagogics, Pedagogics and Methods of Elementary Education (Specialist);
Fine Arts: Music, Painting, Drawing (BA in Education, Specialist), Crafts (Specialist);
Physical Education: Physical Education, Coaching, Recreation Life and Health Care (Specialist).
Students are offered the levels of training and study courses leading to BSc and BA degrees, a specialist degree with a diploma. VSPU has postgraduate and doctoral courses.
VSPU offers courses in 25 areas. There are day-time, correspondence types of studying and external studies. Lectures and practical courses are in English, German and French..
The Pre-entry and Postgraduate Preparatory Faculty provides upgrading and retraining specialists, offers training in the following areas: Psychology, Logopaedics, Basis of Computer Science. There are preperatory courses for university entrants.
VSPU has established international links. Its collaborators are University of Rennes (France), University of Cannes (France), Bauhaus University of Weimar (Germany) and Longwood College (USA).
VSPU provides 10 monthes Russian language preparatory courses for foreign citizens in Humanitarian, Technical, Medical-biological fields.
There are 4 study buildings, 3 hostels, the publishing and printing houses, Research biostation. Teachers, officials and students of VSPU have an opportunity to use refectory, Summer Recreation Campus and sport centre.
For foreign students ther are good living conditions. Fee for a single room at hostel is 100$ per a year.
Foreign partners of VSPU are University of Rennes, University of Cannes (France), and Longwood College (USA).
VSPU collaborates with Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Soros Foundation. Scientists of VSPU take part in programmes of Soros Foundation.
Voronezh State Teacher Training University provides multi-level system of education for foreign citizens:
•pre-entry training in Humanitory, Technical and Medicine-Biology full-time courses according BSc in Education programme (4 years), a specialist with a diploma (5 years)
•internship courses
•day-time and correspondence postgraduate courses
•external studies
•various types of stages
•upgrading courses
•Russian Language courses (10 monthes, 3-4 weeks).

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