Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

For enrolment to Voronezh State Medical Academy and other Universities and Institutes in Russia,  please, see the Welcome page.

Terms & Conditions : Contents:-


Payment of Fees


Minimum Age

Liability & Insurance



Responsibilities of L&C and its Clients

International Language Schools
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1 Enrolment

Please complete an enrolment form and send it to L&C.

On receipt of your enrolment form, we will send you a written confirmation of your course booking with an invoice for the total amount of the course and, if applicable, accommodation fees, and additional fees. We will send a visa support letter if required.  

  You are guaranteed a place once we have confirmed your booking in writing.

* For bookings to language Schools in New Zealand and the USA you wish to enroll at an language school in the USA you must send with your application form and fee a bank statement or letter of support (from the student’s own bank) showing proof of sufficient funds to cover all costs (tuition, accommodation and living expenses) during your projected stay. If the bank account is not the student’s own, both a bank statement and a letter of support are required.

At language school  Paris a deposit of 15% of the total fees must be paid at the time of booking.

2 Payment of fees

All fees must be paid in full 30* days before the course starts.

*For bookings to language school Zurich, 15 % of the total amount is payable 30 days after receipt of the invoice. The remaining difference is to be paid 4 weeks before your course begins.

For bookings to schools in the USA, the school must receive a minimum payment of 4 weeks of your course and accommodation fees before we can send the I-20 form and your accommodation information.

***. For booking other countries, the schools must recieve full tutition and hostel fee.

3 Cancellation

Conditions in the event of cancellation vary from school to school: Ensure that all bank charges and money transfers costs are borne by the student.


***.Please Refer Carefully Table Below ;

Before the first day of a course, tuition fees can be refunded if language school receives written notification of withdrawal within 7 days of payment being received.
Before Course Begins
! Circumstance Amount of refund
* Student does not receive authorisation from Citizenship and Immigration Canada before the course begins, provides documentation of the circumstances and returns the original letter of acceptance to language school. 100 % of tuition fees
* Student withdraws voluntarily or is dismissed from the programme less than 7 calendar days after the contract is made. 75 % of tuition fees (max $400 retained by language school)
* Student withdraws voluntarily or is dismissed from the programme 30 days or more before the start of the course. 75 % of tuition fees
* Student withdraws voluntarily or is dismissed from the programme less than 30 days before the start of the course. 60 % of tuition fees

After Course Begins
! Circumstance Amount of refund
* Student withdraws voluntarily or is dismissed from the programme within the first 10 % of the course’s duration. 50 % of tuition fees
* Student withdraws voluntarily or is dismissed from the programme within the first 30 % of the course’s duration 30 % of tuition fees
* Student withdraws voluntarily or is dismissed from the programme after 30 % of the course’s duration No refund

All cancellations, withdrawals or changes should be submitted in writing at least 4 weeks in advance and must be confirmed by L&C. Limit of one change per course
! Circumstance Amount of refund
* Withdrawal at any time after the first day of homestay Full refund minus 1 month’s homestay fee

4 Minimum Age

The minimum age of acceptance is 16*.
Where a teenager programme is offered, the minimum age of acceptance is 14.
If you wish to stay in college accommodation where available, you must be 18 years or over.

*The minimum age for all students at language school New York is 18.

5 Liability and Insurance

All students are strongly advised* to take out personal, medical and property insurance before travelling abroad. Language school, its Representatives and staff will not be liable for any loss, damages, illness or injuries to people or property, however these may occur unless such liability is legally imposed. It is the student’s responsibility to take out insurance against all such risks.

*All students studying in the USA are required to have accident and health insurance. Language school can provide such insurance for students at reasonable rates which vary with the length of your booking. If you do not wish to take this policy through language school, please be prepared to present us with a copy of your insurance policy. Students studying at language school Brisbane who hold a Student Visa (required for courses longer than 12 weeks) are required by the Australian Government to be covered by Overseas Student Health Cover. Non EU students at language school in Madrid and language school in Paris must have medical insurance. EU students should obtain an E-111 form.

6 Holidays

Application for a holiday in the middle of your course must be made to the school 14 days before commencement of the holiday. Holidays must be Monday to Sunday.  

7 Accommodation

Accommodation is provided from Sunday one day prior to course commencement until the Saturday following the end of the course. In the case of 9 day courses, your accommodation will be from Friday through to Sunday of the following week. Students who arrive early or leave late will be charged for the extra night's accommodation.

8 Responsibilities of L&C and its clients


1. Pays for your invitation( confirmation, registration fee) ,sometimes additional fees( if language school  requires).

2. Arranges an accommodation for you, type of accommodation:  single room, double room sheared room, hotel, apartment, student house, flat etc.

3. Gives you all information about visa and does all consultation about your course

4. Makes all the documentation which required for embassy (e.g. translations etc) except visa form and visa fee.

5. L&C does not take any responsibility or guaranty for visa, its only to arrange the course and guide you to give all information about visa requirement to make the process easier for you.

6. For all this work L&C charges 1500$ or equivalent of this sum in rubles which is non-refundable.

7. If a client reads and agrees to  these terms and conditions  he\she has no right to stop the process in the mid.

8.In  case of illness and some serious problems a client  has to show the evidence to L&C and L&C can  refund only 300$ or equal to this sum in rubles, but in this situation a client has to return a confirmation letter and a confirmation of accommodation.

9. A client has to provide all the necessary documents to make a process.

10. A client can pay L&C fee in two steps: to pay 1000$ and the remaining sum 500$ within one month. In this case L&C will start the remaining process after the payment.

11. L&C can make  the whole process within a month if a client pays  the whole sum.

12. This is the responsibility of a client to pay for the course in time, if a client does not pay for the course or does not obey the rules L&C has all rights to stop the process of registration.

13. Some language schools can extend course dates but some not. This is a good way to request L&C to change the course date one month before  your classes start, otherwise a client has no right to change his\her course date.



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